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Milwaukee Bronzeville Histories is sponsored and supported by the non-profit organizations of The Greater Milwaukee Foundation and Create Wisconsin.

This is a beginning of an ongoing digital discovery, exploration and preservation of the history of Milwaukee Bronzeville, a historic African American community with a legacy of courage, resilience and entrepreneurship.

The digital platform takes the explorer on a continuing historic journey of the old community with the emergence of its new 21st century horizons.

A special thank you to our community historian Kitonga Alexander who begins this journey with us. Our first exploration is the BRONZEVILLE COLLECTIVE

2745 North Ave. Young entrepreneurs who took a chance and created a successful business in Milwaukee Bronzeville.

The BRONZEVILLE BABES is a sample of the new courageous leaders and visionaries in making their historic mark for future generations. Join us fellow explorers, tell your story and make your contribution to our digital site as partners, community members, visionaries and researchers creating " good will" among all communities.

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History In The Making

Historic Milwaukee Bronzeville

Patricia Diggs

A Milwaukee Bronzeville Histories Explorer

The Bronzeville Collective, located at 339 W. North Ave, in the heart of the Bronzeville arts and culture district, is a collaboration of creative individuals uniting as a collective unit. What initially began in 2016 as a city of Milwaukee sponsored pop-up program, has developed into a home for…
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In 2022, the Pepperpot restaurant opened its doors in the Bronzeville community. The restaurant serves authentic Jamaican food and drinks amongst additional items on their menu.  Originally located on 41st and Capitol, the Bronzeville location of 2215 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. is a much larger…
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