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Maranta Plant Shop

Bringing the Community Together with Plants

Located in the core of historic Bronzeville at 1739 N Doctor M.L.K Dr. Milwaukee, WI 53212, proudly states being Wisconsin’s first and only Black and Brown owned plant shop. The organization strives to make the experience of discovering the perfect plant accessible to everyone. Nestled in a prime location to accomplish the goal of diversity, Maranta Plant Shop creates a welcoming environment for patrons to browse their shelves that feature a variety of plants. They also have a special plant treatment called “Maranta Plant Care,” which they guarantee is 100% organic. This solution is designed to protect your plants from disease, promote growth & vigor, and aid in hard water spots while giving a glossy finish to your plants. While the Covid-19 pandemic altered the impact of customer/store relations, the plant shop has remained resilient through the transition back to in-person transactions. As a service to other organizations, Maranta shares their physical space with a variety of vendors on Saturdays. See an embedded video of the owners explaining the journey of putting down roots in Milwaukee's Bronzeville neighborhood here.

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