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Our Next Generation

Looking into the Future

How the Legacy of Milwaukee's Bronzeville will Live On.

As this GMF sponsored development focuses on the youth of Milwaukee and their plans for future contributions, a connection was made with an organization bearing a name that encompasses the goal. Our Next Generation (ONG), located at 3421 W. Lisbon Avenue in Milwaukee, provides youth and communities in the city of Milwaukee with the support, tools, and educational skills necessary to create or maintain a strong, diverse, and equitable society. The organization accomplishes this vision by providing after-school and summer academic enrichment and personal development programs.  Since ONG’s incorporation as a non-profit in 1993, they have served more than 1,000 youth and their families from the city of Milwaukee.


In ONG’s inaugural Homework Club, students and volunteers work towards shared literacy attainment goals and homework completion. The award-winning Outbound Learning program is designed to expand ONG student horizons and experiences by working with corporate & community partners within the city of Milwaukee. The High School Connections program provides teenagers with a structured curriculum as well as a safe, supervised environment for social activities, workforce training, and soft skill development. Learning Through the Arts is an immersive program where ONG arts specialists incorporate art within academic programming by developing hands-on creative workshops for students to explore and learn through the arts. During the summer, Our Next Generation provides students with programming that balances focused academics and enrichment activities.


This year the Bronzeville Histories Institute engaged with high school students of ONG’s summer program to learn the students’ personal plans for future contributions to their communities.


3421 W. Lisbon Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53208

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